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Steven Perilloux

From my earliest memory, I was interested in the cosmos. I remember staring up at the sky on a starry night, as a child, and thinking: Where do we come from? What are we doing here? One Christmas my Dad gave me a telescope, and I’ll never forget the excitement I felt, being able to view the moon so closely.


I started my career in photography working at Samys Camera rental department in Hollywood. There, I learned how to use cameras and lighting equipment, cleaning and checking all of the gear, as it came back from being rented. Eventually I ended up photo assisting for some of the biggest commercial photographers of our time. Guys like Terry Richardson, as well as many others. Terry was instrumental in starting me on my career as a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer. He taught me the importance of having my own voice in photography.


Primarily a portrait photographer, last year I started playing around with this little phone app called Instagram. The criteria for me at the time, was to use this app purely for fun, in the hopes that it would provide a nice break in my free time between shooting commercial jobs and magazine editorials.


I attempted my first night landscape photo about 3 years ago at my friend’s house in Joshua Tree California, shooting towards some mountains in the distance, with the starry sky above. Little did I know at the time that my camera just so happened to be pointing at the Milky Way galaxy. Later, after much practice on sleepless nights in the California wilderness, fumbling around in the dark with cameras, perfecting the look of my nightscape photos, I went back through those first images and noticed the Milky Way. I was blown away!