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Robert Alexander Boyle

 Alexander Boyle is a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, CT where he majored in History. Prior to graduation he co-authored the seminal book Acid Rain in 1983. Alex has worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, PBS, galleries, and an auction house as well as having published numerous articles on 19th and 20th Century American painting, in particular the emergence of the Hudson River School. His 2000 magazine article on the Hudson River School formed the basis for the 2002 PBS film (also broadcast on BBC) America's First River, Bill Moyers on the Hudson where Alex was featured in part one, Stories from the Hudson.

In 2012 he curated an exhibition at Boscobel in Garrison, NY across from West Point, which paired twenty famous Hudson River School paintings to images of the Modern Day. That exhibition later travelled in February 2013 to the Sam Rayburn Gallery, United States Capitol, Washington, DC.

In October 2013 Alex published his book, GPS Guide to the Hudson River School and Where They Painted.

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