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Elliot Lee

Elliot Lee founded his antique business in 1994. Having bought his first Antique piece at the tender age of eleven, it has since then been his passion for Antiques, Fine Art, and aesthetically beautiful Design that encouraged him to establish ART ANTIQUES DESIGN Ltd. in 2011.

AAD serves as a virtual meeting place and a connector for art, antiques and design professionals. It is a bridge for integration, learning and dialogue between these three markets.

In 2013, Elliot proposed the creation of an industry wide code of ethics to serve both dealers and collectors. A 'Straight Deal Charter’ of ethical business practice would lead to creating and maintaining a level of trust in the market sectors of Art, Antiques and Luxury Goods.

It is Elliot's ambition, through the network of AAD and backed by a Charter of Ethics, to instil as much confidence as possible in dealers, art consultants, artists and high profile brands who work with collectors and consumers.


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