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Trusting in tyranny absent the remarkable trust as well as the give and take inherent to grass roots democracy, fatally slows the reaction to a viral pandemic.

At first China responded too slowly awaiting approval from ignorant control freaks in Beijing.

Now they are ruthless but far too late.

Many doctors objected to assets needed in hospitals which were squandered by the Communist party.

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Millennials love socialism. They like redistributive social policies. They want everyone “taken care of.” The purveyors of current American socialist policy are a communist, Bernie Sanders, and current “democrat socialists” aka “the Squad.” Millennials haven’t connected the totalitarian means being used to achieve socialism’s ends. They either ignore or don’t know the evil necessary to create a socialistic/communistic state.

It’s tough to blame this generation for their rosy view of a murderous ideology. They didn’t live through the Cold War. They didn’t see Stalin’s gulags. The story they hear about Mao is that he was, as a self-assured friend of my kid said, “good for women’s rights.” This generation was taught that communism was good, if misapplied. Public school teachers see themselves as aggrieved workers and spread their miserable worldview to their ignorant charges. It gets worse in college. So the millennials are ignorant.

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