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Life imitates art.

Kim Jong Un appears to be a fan of Team America World Police and / or James Bond, both of which have supervillains dispose of traitorous flunkies by pulling a lever thereby causing said flunky to fall into a large tank loaded with Piranna or sharks.

In Team America the villain was Kim's own father Kim Jong Il who lured a naive UN leader Hans Brix to an early demise when the later crossed the 38th, and when he threatened both a wrist slap and a very stern letter.

"Harro Hans, Come a rittle croser Hans"

Pull !

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Kim had a giant fish tank built inside Ryongsong Residence, one of his presidential palaces, after ordering aides to develop new methods of execution.

The victim’s arms and torso were cut open with knives before he was thrown into the tank.

Sources said it was unclear whether the general was killed by the fish, died from his wounds or drowned.

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