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 First published 21.10.2016

Screen Shot 2016 10 19 at 01.48.41Jorge Coll - Konrad Bernheimer - Nicolás Cortés 


Editors note: According to an editorial dated 5 November 2015 in the antiques trade gazette, "Colnaghi chairman Konrad Bernheimer, who acquired the 255-year-old firm in 2002, said he was looking forward to working with Jorge Coll and Nicolás Cortés, young dealers who are known for their alternative approach to presenting Old Masters".

A reasonable question post "Cranach", does this alternative approach mean, let's go make some more? Another reasonable question for the above group of overly dressed dandies, is, which one ordered up, or more damningly, deemed the Cranach to be right? To borrow a phrase from Robert De Niro in the movie "Casino": "Either you were in on it, or just too stupid to know you were being scammed. In either situation, you're gone. Get out".

Not-so Old Master

Quick hit business plans may be low cost and have huge upside, just don't make any long term plans, especially with that fussy tailor, unless of course, you like the colour orange.

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