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Napoleon minJean Leon Gerome (1824 - 1904) Napoleon in Egypt, 1863 - Princeton University Art Museum

This week we turn our attention to the conservation work and tours on offer with the St Helena National Trust. The Trust was founded in 2002, and has since been one of the leading bodies in preserving the diverse habitats of St Helena. In addition to protecting the wildlife of the island, the organisation offers different tourism activities for conservation enthusiastic visitors.

St Helena is home to over 450 endemics. Of these there is only one endemic bird, the Wirebird. Found on the ground in sparse areas, the Wirebird falls under the wing of the National Trust which has protected and preserved its growing numbers since 2006. Visitors can sign up for an educational tour to see the endemic bird in its protected habitat. To help preserve the growing number of Wirebirds, visitors are also welcome to adopt one of the 500 Wirebirds currently living on St Helena.

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