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Further to what can only be described as an infantile lead editorial on yesterday’s Hyperallergic mail out, we think Mr. Vartanian needs to take a step back, and put some serious thought into whether or not being the editor of an online ART news portal, is really for him.

His naive political views on world events border upon adolescent fantasy, and you have to ask, where on earth is he going with this?

Great art and the wealth one must accumulate to acquire it, requires the shrewd personalities capable in risk assessment. The old saying that none but the brave deserve the fair, applies here.

Capitalism isn’t for the faint hearted, therefore, our suggestion is that you return to teaching at Brooklyn multi-cultural pre K, and specifically, how to finger-paint. When you feel like bursting into tears, sit in the corner until you are ready to act like a human being. In so far as keeping us abreast of your recent visit to Armenia “I also returned from Armenia yesterday”, this a corner of the world which currently lies mired in an incessant kleptocratic rule, in quasi warfare with neighbour, and with failed economic policies. In short, there is no viable art scene, only Armenia played by Putin in a classic game of divide and conquer. Wake the f**k up.

Your mail out is a sad example of what re-education produces, instead of what higher education used to produce. Here is a suggestion for your safe space Mr. Vartanian, give up, breathe your own farts and be sustainable.


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