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Editors Note: Bad behavior of the rich and famous.

Gagosian screens an Oliver Stone film on the paranoid revelations of Edward Snowden. Perhaps Larry's experience and subsequent fines by the New York States sales tax authorities put him in the mood to sponsor such a paranoid plot. By the way, are his prices posted in London Gallery still in dollars and not the UK legal tender of pounds sterling? Wethinks said Armenian salesman hasn't quite learned his taxman lesson in NY.

Maybe it is time for Gagosian to donate to the Clinton Foundation......

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Summer in the Hamptons: Only Slightly Less Hellish than Westeros


Two summers ago, I met a couple in Delhi, an out-of-the-way town in central New York about 150 miles north of the Upper East Side. They live in Sag Harbor year-round, but like many locals of the increasingly seasonally absurd east end of Long Island, they summer elsewhere to avoid the celebrities, politicians, andPage Six reporters who crowd Hamptons streets and beaches all season.

And this year the follies reached new depths! In the last week of the Hamptons summer season, Page Six Scarlett Johansson was filming Rock That Body on Peconic Bay, in Southampton. In the film, a group of women gather for a bachelorette party in Miami Beach, and things go wrong. A male stripper is killed. And so even Hollywood studios now see the Hamptons, once a sleepy destination for artists and very old money, as an easy stand-in for Miami-Dade County.

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