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Editor's note: They obviously didn't punt out enough Brazilian gum powder prior to the Olympics to pay for a professional clean up of Rio's fart water.

They made 80,000 people homeless and none of the sewage upgrades were made to prevent raw slum sewage that pipes right into the bays where many events are contested. 

HBO's "Inside Sports" hosted by Bryant Gumbel, recently did a ninety minute episode on Olympic bids, focusing on Beijing, Sochi and Rio. Beijing beat the crap out of, and imprisoned dissidents who didn't want to lose their homes. Sochi was built shoddily with thousands of unknown workers dying on job sites.

The IOC is looking more and more like a rancid FIFA style operation.


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According to Tom Steinfort, a reporter covering the Olympic games in Rio, a German diver said, the "the whole building smells like a fart" becuase of the pool. This is disgusting, but also funny? 

According to the Associated Press Rio officials said they're not sure how the "proliferation of algea" was able to grow in the diving pool. That the Olympic pools changed color from blue to green was because of the heat and lack of wind, officials said at first. However, some experts say it's because of chemical imbalances in the pool - and by gallons of hydrogen peroxide "mistakenly" poured into the pool at one point, one Olympic source told the Wall Street Journal.

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