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Screen Shot 2016 07 13 at 22.29.20Gottfried Lindauer is best known for his Māori portraits, such as this 1890 oil on canvas called Tamati Waka Nene. 

People around the world have been urged to look under their beds and poke through their attics in the search for at least 100 missing paintings by the celebrated 19th century portrait artist Gottfried Lindauer.

The global treasure hunt has been initiated by a New Zealand art gallery that wants to locate as many works as possible by the prolific artist, in preparation for the largest ever exhibition of his work in October.

Lindauer – a Czech who came to New Zealand in 1874 – is estimated to have painted as many as 400 works over his lifetime, and many are still unaccounted for. The figure of 100 missing works is thought to be a conservative one.

“We want people to look under their beds, in attics, and under the house,” said Nigel Borrell, curator of Māori art at Auckland art gallery.

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