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After a Hitler doll sold for $17 million Sunday night, what more can we say? That being said, these were a few of the paintings we liked and were able to photograph in the short time before the staff gestapo at Christie's hustled all previewers out to hasten their bundesbidding Sunday nicht.

Perhaps torches would have set the right ambiance before Adolph hit the block. They can cash their cheque for $17 million, but the idea of that as art is so revolting we don't want to reward it here with anymore words than it has already received.

chris1aAlexander Calder at Christies

Chris2aYayoi Kusama

chris3aJoel Shapiro, titled "Unique" (Right)

IMG 20160508 152018 minRobert Indiana


Bingo3Cezanne - This is really nice Rich colors in person - Very low estimate

Screen Shot 2016 05 10 at 04.34.31Cezanne Detail

Bingo6Christie's - Modigliani

Max4Huge Renoir

Max1Eugene Boudin

Screen Shot 2016 05 10 at 04.21.06Alfred Sisley

Screen Shot 2016 05 10 at 04.21.17Monet from 1874 with extraordinary provenance - Havemeyer Family since the 19th century

Max2Monet Detail

DSC 0174 leger minFernand Leger

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