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This publication is a catch up with one of AAD's previous contributors, who seemed to have dropped off the AAD virtual map for a little while. As you can imagine, we wondered why, and what we found was that since first appearing on AAD, Rauli Mård's unique form of live performance art, has pretty much taken off in New York City, and with London firmly in his sights, we’d all better watch out.

For those of you unawares of Rauli’s artistic career to date, he kicked off back in the late 1980’s in his home town of Oitti in Southern Finland, and with a passion for Heavy Metal music, he initially devoted his artistic and creative output to multifarious symbols of sound. 

Rauli has painted many musical instruments for artists such as Gary Moore, Bruce Dickinson ~ a pilot and the lead singer from Iron Maiden, James Hetfield co-founder lead singer and rythum guitarist of Metallica, and now includes fast cars, fast motorbikes, and fighter jets within his special commission ouvre, with clients for these engineering inspired works ranging from the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg, to Moto Guzzi: powerbike creators headquartered in Mandello del Lario, Italy.

Having starred in over 20 exhibitions, mainly in Finland, with perhaps his most memorable and consummate exhibition to date, being the complete takeover of the medieval castle and Finnish cultural destination point, Hämeen Linna ~ fifty miles north of Helsinki ~ back in 1992, with an opening evening encompassing a harem of live performance artists, authoring a number of develish and medieval themed works.




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As a courtesy and a thank you to clients for their custom, Rauli insists on presenting them with an eye portrait, which has been so well received by patrons, he resolved to persue this métier, and has shaped an additional vocation around this very specific and intimate form of live performance art.

To date, Rauli has created over 9000 eye portraits, with his most recent visit to New York (his eighth in fifteen months) leading directly to the doors of the United Nations Building, where he composed an eye portrait for Kai Sauer, the UN Permanent Representative of Finland.

For his next visit to NYC, Rauli is currently preparing for a number of patrons, with a view to working closely with Galleries in the future, in the cities in which he expands into. He figures that the exponential growth in popularity for his special brand of performance art, should be shared, and would doubtless facilitate additional footfall within a myriad of établissement d'Art: international.

As an insight into Rauli’s creative process, he recently 'did his thang' ... a live and recorded performance in the heart of Time Square, NYC; the inspired results of which can be seen below.

When asked what his favourite colour of eyes are, his reply was quite simple, “I love them all” he said.


Screen Shot 2016 04 29 at 14.14.22The Creative Process - Images Courtesy | Alex Boyle

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Screen Shot 2016 04 29 at 14.14.49

eyechick1aThe Creative Process - Images Courtesy | Alex Boyle

eyechick3aImages Courtesy | Alex Boyle - Click Image to learn more

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From his professional beginnings in 1988, Rauli has tried to be faithful to his individual style, which he dubs as ‘contemporary impressionism’. The inspiration for his art is drawn from legends such as Jimmy Hendrix, Bo Diddley, the late Roger Nelson A.K.A. Prince, and Mr. Charlie Chaplin.

To visit Rauli Mård's AAD Gallery page, click here, to visit his cyber~cavern:   Raulimå 

Screen Shot 2017 02 27 at 23.40.49Images Courtesy | Rauli Mard

Screen Shot 2017 02 27 at 23.41.09Images Courtesy | Rauli Mard


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