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Botallack O'Clock is a funny, moving and thought-provoking journey into the creative mind of Roger Hilton CBE, one of the most unique voices in post-war British art.

In 1965, after representing Britain at the Venice Biennale, Hilton moved to the Cornish coastal village of Botallack, where his working routine began to break down, mainly as a result of his increasing addiction to alcohol (which he had long used to creative effect). For the final two years of his life, Hilton took permanently to his bed, where he continued to work, leaning over the side of his bed to paint on sheets of paper laid on the floor. Hilton would work through the night with only his thoughts, his imaginings and a temperamental radio for company.

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Botallack O'Clock depicts a suspended hour of the night where Hilton's past and present combine with his vivid imagination and tenacious personality, giving a humorous and intriguing insight into the mind of a true artist.

Writer Eddie Elks comments, I'm incredibly excited that Botallack O'Clock is returning to London for a proper run. Roger's thoughts and ideas, much like his paintings, are as relevant and arresting now as they were then. In a letter to his mother, whilst serving in WWII, Roger wondered whether one day his life would be made into a story. I hope he would have approved.

Rose Hilton says, After many years of producing oil paintings of great impact, Roger became physically weaker. In 1972, his downstairs bedroom became his studio. From here, the centre of our household, came orders for fresh paint, food for his small stove and occasionally company - the boys for chess and me for conversations or, shall I say, complaints.

During these last 3 years before his death in 1975 a stream of the most wonderful gouaches appeared. In the play Botallack O'Clock, Roger is played admirably by Dan Frost and written sensitively by Eddie Elks. He is brought to life again.

Performance Dates: 12 January - 6 February

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