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AAD was established in 2011 to give industry insiders a voice and a communication tool. News and views are updated regularly by professional journalists, as well as industry members, and retail experts. AAD’s audience crosses traditional market segments, both in the UK and abroad.

AAD’s audience comprises a wide variety of art market professionals, interior designers, collectors, influential stakeholders and a large number of high end exhibitors, dealing in antiques, as well as in historic, modern and contemporary art and design. AAD is a trusted, objective and independent channel to market, and it serves as a virtual meeting place, and a voice for Art, Antiques and Design professionals.

AAD does not run its own auctions, and has no intention of competing in anyway with clients. It is an independent insider news organisation and network, which reports factual information on market related newsworthy events.

Since the re-launch of our new platform, we have reorganised much of the content, and have an amazing array of internationally recognised authors publishing articles on a host of Art, Antiques and Design related news from every corner of the globe. Our objective is to publish news that entertains and informs.

There are a lot of Art sites out there, but by being bold, fun and without a conflict of interest, we have a space where few Art sites can go. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers, from all of us on AAD. 

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