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The first of a series of sales starting on November 8, 2015 is a powerhouse lineup of mostly female and figurative images being offered by Christies, Rockefeller Center. Titled, "Artists Muse, A Curated Evening Sale of 20th Century Art" foremost examples include a likely record setting nude by Modigliani and a pair of large works by Roy Lichtenstein, Nurse and Crying Girl. If the Sothebys sale of Alfred Taubman reminded one of yesterday, all that was missing was D.D. Brooks in shoulder pads (gps ankle bracelet for house arrest conveniently forgotten), well this sale shows why Christies has become the auction house of choice for today and tomorrow as well.

Like a Modern Day murderers row, they don't stop with this one sale, the next two evenings have sessions for contemporary art on Tuesday Evening and an Impressionist and Modern sale on Wednesday Evening.

03akirchner10 15xDSC 0533 Lot 3a. Ernst Kirchner, estimate $10 to $15 million, sold for $13,605,000

05agauguin12 18Lot 5a. Paul Gauguin, estimate $12 to $18 million, sold for $13,605,000

08amodigliani estDSC 0534Lot 8a. Amedeo Modigliani, Estimate upon Request, sold for $170,405,000

12amiro4 6DSC 0526Lot 12a. Joan Miro, estimate $4 to $6 million $5,373,000

13alichtensteinnurseLot 13a. Roy Lichtenstein, Nurse, Estimate upon Request, sold for $95,365,000

15adekooning14 18Lot 15a. Willem DeKooning, estimate $14 to $18 million, passed

16alautrec10 15Lot 16a. Henri Toulouse Lautrec, estimate $10 to $15 million, sold for $12,485,000

18aBalthus9 12DSC 0548Lot 18a. Balthus, estimate $9 to $12 million, sold for $9,909,000

20apicasso estonrequestDSC 0529bLot 20a. Pablo Picasso, Estimate on Request, sold for $22,565,000

21a warol 8 12Lot 21a. Andy Warhol, Estimate $8 to $12 million, $11,925,000

22alichtenstein9 12DSC 0546Lot 22a. Roy Lichtenstein, estimate $7 to $9 million, sold for $13,381,000

25apicasso12 16Lot 25a. Pablo Picasso, estimate $12 to $16 million, passed

27aleger 12 18DSC 0528Lot 27a. Fernand Leger, estimate $12 to $18 million, passed

28agiacometti 6 8DSC 0544Lot 28a. Alberto Giacometti, estimate $6 to $8 million, passed

31alichtenstein1 2to1 8DSC 0539Lot 31a. Roy Lichtenstein, estimate $1.2 to $1.8 million, sold for $1,445,000

Total for Monday Evening Sale: $491, 352,000. For more details such as other individual lot result click here


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Robert Alexander Boyle

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