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03calder2 3DSC 0414Lot 3 Alexander Calder, Estimate $2 to $3 million. sold 2,410,000

The autumn season of auctions in New York lead off at Sothebys where they had a major collection to sell, Christies, strangely enough gave their rivals effort some space by not scheduling any of their sales the same week. This seems odd until one finds out Sothebys estate sale was that of the late Alfred Taubman, the deceased former owner who got set up by Christies, then turned in to the Feds. Fifteen years later Christies gives unusual space and time to Sothebys to mourn in the commercial way, hawking merch with a body barely cold and in the ground. It would seem this is a "We are sorry" that came too late.

The old boy got set up by Anthony Tennant then after a change in ownership, a disgruntled Christopher Davidge on his exit upset the apple cart as he squealed on everybody. To make matters worse Taubman's in house hatchet person on the deal (D.D. Brooks) also ratted him out. He served his time and got out. In a business where the unkind is common, the absence of snark is atypical.

The collection is all over the board and the estimates are aggressive to say the least. Most will sell, but some will not. The auction business moves on. As the collection catalog bio on him stated, "Taubman left the company in 2000," but now in 2015, that era comes to an end which makes the painting by Martin Johnson Heade, Great Florida Sunset perfect for illustrating that point.

04stella8 12xxkelly20151103 134536Lot 4. Frank Stella, estimate $8-$12 million, sold for 13,690,000

06giacometti5 7DSC 0496Lot 6. Alberto Giacometti, estimate $5-$7 million, sold for 4,954,000

08lichtenstien5 7DSC 0424Lot 8 Roy Lichtenstein, Estimate $5 million to $7 million, sold 6,746,000

11okeeeffe12 18DSC 0483Lot 11. Georgia O'Keeffe, Estimate $1.2-$1.8 million. Sold 2,530,000

012modiglianiestonrequestDSC 0359Lot 12. Amedeo Modigliani. Estimate on request, sold for 42,810,000

15dekooning25 35DSC 0502Lot 15. Willem De Kooning, estimate $25-$35 million. Sold for 24,890,000

18balla2m 3mDSC 0460Lot 18. Giacomo Balla, estimate $2-$3 million, sold for 1,690,000

24picasso25 35DSC 0408Lot 24. Pablo Picasso, Estimate $25-$35 million, sold for 20,074,000

30seignac 6 8DSC 0430Lot 30. Paul Seignac, Estimate $6-$8 million, sold for 6,410,000

 32degas18 25DSC 0453Lot 32. Edgar Degas, Estimate $18-$25 million, sold for 17,050,000

 033rothko200 30Lot 33. Mark Rothko, Estimate $20-$30 million, sold for 20,410,000

 38pollock5 7DSC 0459Lot 38. Jackson Pollock, estimate $5-$7 million, sold for 5,178,000

 042matisse 12 18DSC 0415Lot 42. Henri Matisse, estimate $12-$18 million 13,690,000

 058giacometti2 4DSC 0365Lot 58. Alberto Giacometti. Estimate $2-$3 million, sold for 2,290,000

64seignac2to3DSC 0407Lot 64. Paul Seignac, estimate $2 to $3 million, sold for 2,170,000

 068Lautrec est12 18DSC 0362 Lot 68. Henri Toulouse Lautrec, estimate $12-$18 million, sold for 12,010,000

 70bacon4 6DSC 0484Lot 70. Francis Bacon, Estimate $4-$6 million, sold for 4,842,000

 076degas3m 4mDSC 0373Lot 76. Edgar Degas $3-$4 million, sold for 6,074,000

 77seignac3 4DSC 0404Lot 77. Paul Seignac, Estimate $3-$4 million, sold for 3,550,000

End of First Evening Sale, total $377,034,000. USD

Nov. 5, 2015 Taubman Day sale, select lots

109calder1 1 5DSC 0449Lot 109. Alexander Calder, estimate $1-1.5 million, sold for 970,000

141gaugui1to1 5DSC 0406Lot 141. Paul Gauguin, estimate $1 to $1.5 million, sold for 1,930,000

 152ballaLot 152. Giacomo Balla, estimate $150,000-$250,000, sold for 262,000

 153balla lot153Lot 153. Giacomo Balla, estimate $200,000-$300,000, sold for 225,000

 172diegogiacometti50 70DSC 0428Lot 172. Diego Giacometti, estimate $50,000-$70,000, sold for 168,750

 173diegogiacometti50 70DSC 0426Lot 173. Diego Giacometti, estimate $50,000 to $70,000, sold for 175,000

 End of Taubman Sale, daytime, total $42,715,500. USD

Impressionist and Modern Art, November 5, 2015, Evening Sale

 major03duffy1 5to2DSC 0490Lot 3. Raoul Dufy, estimate $1.5 to $2 million, sold for 1,570,000

 major05magritte3 5DSC 0385Lot 5. Rene Magritte, estimate $3 to $5 million, sold for 6,746,000

major06kandinsky2 3million20151103 133559 1Lot 6. Wassily Kandinsky, estimate $2 to $3 million, sold for 5,738,000

major7leger5 7DSC 0435Lot 7. Fernand Leger, estimate $5 to $7 million, sold for 5,626,000

major08malevich35 45DSC 0439Lot 8. Kazimir Malevich, estimate $35 to $45 million, sold for 37,770,000

major10caileboote5 7DSC 0387Lot 10. Gustave Caillebotte, estimate $5 to $7 million, sold for 6,746,000

 major11cezanne5 7DSC 0379Lot 11. Paul Cezanne, estimate $5 to $7 million, sold for 6,298,000

 major14lautre3c2 5to3 5DSC 0471Lot 14. Henri Toulouse Lautrec, estimate $2.5 to $3.5 million, sold for 2,410,000

 major14vangogh50 70DSC 0481Lot 14. Vincent van Gogh, estimate $50 to $70 million, sold for 54,010,000

major017baby3 5mDSC 0374Lot 17. Vincent van Gogh, estimate $3.5 to $5 million, sold for 7,642,000

 major21chagall9 1point2DSC 0378Lot 21. Marc Chagall, estimate $900,000 to $1.2 million, sold for 1,030,000

 major22monet30 50DSC 0391Lot 22. Claude Monet, estimate $30 to $50 million, sold for 33,850,000

major28monet1 2 1 1 8DSC 0389Lot 25 Claude Monet, estimate $1.2 million to $1.8 million, sold for 2,170,000

 major26picaqsso80 100DSC 0446Lot 26. Pablo Picasso, estimate on request (?), sold for 67,450,000

major33bonnard1 2to1 8DSC 0397Lot 33. Pierre Bonnard, estimate $1.2 to $1.8 million, sold for 1,450,000

 major47caillebotte12to15DSC 0402Lot 47. Gustave Caillebotte, estimate $1.2 to $1.8 million, 1,090,000

End of Sothebys Evening Sale, a total:  $306,712,000.  USD


Taubman lot for the upcoming American paintings sale, Nov. 18, 2015

 novam08stuartdavis250 350DSC 0369Lot 8. Stuart Davis, estimate $250,000 to $350,000

 novam11heade7mto10mDSC 0372Lot 11. Martin Johnson Heade, estimate $7 to $10 million


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