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Frieze Art Fair was spectacular and shows us that London is still a major player, the numbers speak for themselves with Gagosian Gallery reportedly taking £18m on the opening evening of Frieze. These numbers despite Artist's Resale Right and other onerous compliance mechanisms, which gave birth to loophole venues, and compliance refugees like Art | Basel, where four and twenty bother not. Despite the election of a raving communist cloaked in ratty tweeds as head of the Labour Party, these events have yet to scare the capital out of the London Art Market. God Save The Queen.


FelixFrieze Art Fair - Felix The Cat by Mark Leckey at Galerie Bucholz - Sold @ $75,000.00 Edition of three

Yumi min 3Yumi Honda @ Frieze London VIP Day

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 02.37.37Frieze Masters - Dickinsons owned Cubism at Frieze

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 02.45.09Frieze Masters - A collection of Works by Polish Artist Wojciech Fangor at The Mayor Gallery

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 02.44.26Amy Baker @ The Mayor Gallery

Screen Shot 2015 10 19 at 20.42.41Frieze Masters - Spider I 1995 by Louise Bourgeois - Bronze, number 1 / 6 - Edition of 6 plus AP @ Acquavella Galleries - Still Available

 Screen Shot 2015 10 19 at 21.18.50Frieze Masters - 'Calyx Krater Trash Can' 1976 By James Rosenquist @ Richard L. Feigen & Co. Sold at $75,000

James Roesenquist (born 1933) created a series of Gold trash cans after learning that the Metropolitan Museum of Art had deacquisitioned significant twentieth-century works of art from its permanent collection in order to purchase the Sarpedon Krater, an ancient Greek calyx krater by the famed painter Euphronios for the then record price of one million dollars. Rosenquist's message on the absurdity of the action was heightened when the vase was returned to the Italian government in 2008 after it was discovered that it had been looted from a necropolis near Rome.

Screen Shot 2015 10 19 at 22.49.44Sarpedon’s body carried by Hypnos and Thanatos (Sleep and Death), while Hermes watches. Side A of the so-called “Euphronios krater” - wikipedia

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.00.46The Other Art Fair / Moniker Art Fair 'The Neon Health Service' a stunning performance piece by Rebecca Mason & Karina Akopyan in the Green Room

JKFrieze Masters - 'Louis XIV' 1986 by Jeff Koons - Stainless Steel Edition of 3 plus 1 AP @ Gallery Mnuchin $1,500,000, Still Available @ Mnuchin Gallery New York

Examples from the above edition are in the collections of the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas; the Broad Art Foundation, Los Angeles and the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art in Athens.

VenusPAD London - Salvador Dali 'Venus WIth Drawers' (1971) Bronze patinated with white, Mayoral Galeria D'Art

 Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.21.42Frieze Masters - Bellinda Seppings of Jonathan Clark & Co - Totemic Figure by William Turnbull (1922 - 2012) - 1957

Screen Shot 2015 10 19 at 22.21.25Frieze Art Fair - Anish Kapoor, 'Untitled' (Storm Grey) 2015 220cm by 220cm - Lisson Gallery

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.34.16Frieze Masters - Judith Van Helden of Benjamin Proust Showing a Seminal piece by Alberto Burri, 'Combustione Plastica', 1956

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 00.55.11PAD London - Classical Installation at Tomasso Brothers Stand

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.46.32Julia and Sophia

Screen Shot 2015 10 19 at 21.39.35'Pumpkin' by Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama 

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.56.10Frieze Masters - Beu Bottomley & Marie Krauss in front of two works on the back wall - 'Inflamatory Wall' & 'Survival' both by Jenny Holzer @ Sprüth Magers Gallery

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.56.28

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 02.09.21Frieze Masters - Johanna Dream presenting a selection of Rare and Unusual Objet d'art on the stand of Didier Claes

Screen Shot 2015 10 16 at 21.21.44 Frieze Art Fair - Lais Myrrha's Podio Para Ningue @ Gallery Jacqueline Martins

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 03.21.20Frieze Masters - Jade of the Almine Rech Gallery next to Dewain Valentine's 'Large Blue Circle' 1972 - 2015

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 02.15.25Frieze Masters - Pigeons & Parrots by Philippe Rousseau (Paris, 1816 - 1887 Acquigny, Eure) 125cm by 86cm Available @ Didier Aaron, Price £90,000

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 01.09.38Yasmin Hass-Sinclair & Connie Martin of the Storm Model Agency

To link with Yasmin on Instagram, click here

To link with Connie on Instagram, click here

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 04.30.51Pad London - Garrido Gallery

Screen Shot 2015 10 20 at 04.09.17Frieze Art Fair - 'The Stamp' (Moujaz) by Abdulnasser Gharem @ Galerie Krinzinger Seilerstätte

AbdulN1 min'The Stamp' - An Art Work or a Work of Art? 

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