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For a dramatic floor, one that emphasizes the furniture and grandeur of a room, stain it a very dark brown or black. Staining it so will make the floor disappear, thus giving emphasis to the furniture, adding drama to the room’s landscape.

It also makes the furniture look as though it is floating in the room, an altogether appealing aspect. For a particularly humanistic feel, relate the floors to the ceiling.

By recreating the same color on the ceiling and floor or by creating some kind of pattern on both, this effect can be achieved. Wood floors can, if well designed and properly installed, make a room appear larger and enhance the overall feel of the room. I prefer either dark floors or all white floors. Although polar opposites, both produce similar effects. A room with a dark floor creates a cozy atmosphere and adds shine to the entire room.

A white floor is extremely glamorous and promotes clean lines. Both options are dramatic and both work with almost any type of décor and furniture options.