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Art Southampton moved to a new location. Situated at a on Millstone Road in rural Water Mill, it seemed to be a formidable rural trek, but opening night crowds did not disappoint with the fields next to the air conditioned tent resembling the massive turnout of a homecoming football game in autumn. It was packed. Upon leaving this writer saw a half mile back up of traffic on rural Scuttle Hole Road, loaded with art fair goers intent upon visiting this fine show. Presumably the traffic on Scuttle Hole has ebbed after opening night festivities are complete.

Once there Art Southampton has ample parking space. Map to Art Southampton

aa as780aDSC 0252Sam Tufnell, Power Gnomes, 2015, cast resin on metal base, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery


aa as780aDSC 0253Six foot high sculpture in front of front door


aa as780aDSC 0254Boaz Vaadia, "Baraq with Cat, 2007" Bronze with Bluestone, 57x28x21.5 inches, Sponder Gallery


aa as780aDSC 0257Cracking Art Group, Giant Rabbit, 2009, Recycled plastic, 118x63x106" Gallerie CA' D'Oro

aa as780aDSC 0259

aa as780aDSC 0260Lilly Dawson, Birnam Wood Galleries, New York, NY next to Margery Gosnell-Gua, Tiana Bay Speedboat

aa as780aDSC 0339Frank Stella, Carpathenburg III, 1996, Printed paper collage mounted on foamcore, David Findlay, Jr. Fine Art, NY, NY

aa as780aDSC 0340Dealer Greg Hubert in front of a signed Roy Lichtenstein print

aa as780aDSC 0341Dealer Peter J. Marcelle in front of Dan Christiansen oil

aa as 780aDSC 0342hoffman unoUno Hoffman, Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Toronto, Canada ("eh?")

aa as 780aDSC 0358Dominic Harris, Shimmer, 2013, Priveekollektie Contemporary Art

aa as 780aDSC 0360Reinier Bosch, Bang, 2014, Priveekollektie Contemporary Art

aa as 780aDSC 0373matchbox casterlinegoodmanaspencoMatchbox, Mnemonic Vehicle #1 (Ferrari Berlinetta), 2014, Casterline Goodman Gallery, Aspen, Colorado

aa as780aDSC 0365Hee Young Kim, Bloom, 105x105cm, Gallery Tableau, South Korea

aa as780aDSC 0368Han Ho Choi, Before and After, 162x130cm, Gallery Tableau, South Korea

aa as780aDSC 0370Milton Avery, Hollis Taggart Galleries, NY

aa as780aDSC 0376Howard Shapiro and Clayton Calvert, Lawrence Fine Art in front of El Anatsui

aa as 780aDSC 0382Aristodimos Kaldas, Pan Hellenic Landscape #2, 1950, Lawrence Fine Art

aa as780aDSC 0388Pablo Picasso, Jerald Melberg Gallery


aa as780aDSC 0390bGraff Diamonds Model

aa as 780aDSC 0392Graff Diamonds Models

aa as780aDSC 0398Frank Stella, Mixed Media Collage, Vogelsang Gallery

aa as780aDSC 0421Gnomes that Roam, Casein Resin on metal base, 75x12x42 inches, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery

For more information on the Fair, visit:

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