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Well hello there.

As some of you might know, I pop up on occasion on AAD, especially when participating in an Art Fair which I feel might be of interest to AAD’s esteemed audience.

We get an e-mail from AAD’s Editorial team asking for some atmospheric images of the event. An e-mail which usually arrives right when I’m in the middle of a deal, of course. However, we’re always happy to oblige for such a world class website.

Below a selection of images from Art 15, currently running at the Olympia Exhibition Halls, in London. The Fair is open today up until 7pm, so if you are in town, then you might like to swing by, and check out some fantastic art and some world class galleries exhibiting at this Fair.

Alternatively, and for more information on the Fair, visit the website:

ART 15

See you soon. 

A15dImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15hImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15fImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15iImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15kImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15aImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15gImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15bImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz

A15eImage Courtesy | Barna Erdesz