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IVORY BAN 1Antique Ivory Keys about to be Recycled into a Lamp Photo: Omar S. El-Khalidi, Longleaf Lighting, Savannah, Georgia

The decline of the American political system strikes home as the Obama Administration demonises the antiques trade as a part of a so-called effort to protect the endangered Elephants of Africa. Following their usual policy of not letting inconvenient facts get in their way, the Administration that incited Contempt of Congress charges (in the "Fast and Furious" gunwalking scheme with Mexican druglords as a way of highlighting "gun violence") continued that pattern of setting up the opposition instead of prosecuting the guilty. Despite mountains of evidence that the Ivory Trade comes as a direct result of corrupt African nations cashing in on China's new found wealth, the Obama Administration ignores the evil perpetuated by villains in Africa, and instead, outlawed the sale of antiques across state lines of anything that contains a sliver of antique ivory.

See the Department of Interiors new regulations below:

Even the 'left' leaning New York Times noted in an article dated March 21, 2014 that: The rules do not ban private ownership, but they outlaw interstate sales of ivory items, unless they meet what sellers describe as impossible criteria.

The article went on to say:

Officials with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, which plans to have the new regulations in place in June, said drastic measures are needed to help curb the slaughter of African elephants. The animals now number a scant half-million, and conservationists say as many as 35,000 are dying annually to feed the global black-market in tusks.?

Despite the fact that piano keys and other antiques were purchased under lawful circumstances 42 years ago, the Obama Administration ignored a report published on Yahoo, that many of the African poachers operate with government connivance. Zimbabwe provides us with the most glaring example:

ivory ban 2Armed soldiers in Zimbabwe atop a dead Elephant in suspicious circumstances Credit :: Associated Press

That article stated the following:

Among the areas in jeopardy is Zimbabwe's Save Valley Conservancy, a 1,000-square-mile collection of unfenced wildlife reserves that is home to most of the country's elephants and rhinoceroses. Land reform policies have allowed politically connected people to receive hunting permits and land leases in the conservancy, according to C4ADS.

Using data-mining software developed by Palantir, a technology company in California, C4ADS named 18 people involved in what the report describes as the "political/military takeover of Save Valley Conservancy."

They include Maj. Gen. Engelbert Rugeje, the inspector general of Zimbabwe's defense forces. Rugeje is not on the sanctions list maintained by the U.S. Treasury Department.

ivory ban 3Zanu PF militarised its structures since the party lost the 2008 elections, Photo credit: nehanda radio -

So, ask yourselves, corrupt African governments, or American antique dealers, who do you think is responsible for the demise of this great beast? 

First published 6.2.2016

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