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Art and Antique shows are a high point of a connoisseurs calendar. However certain show previews are indelibly filtered by PR companies that march to their own agenda, and not that of the dealers who pay exorbitant sums to rent a booth for a few days in a prime location. Our lead reporter experienced that firsthand when he encountered a staff at Masterpiece 2014 composed of shills who previously stated a desire for free access to this website.When that wasn't granted, at this opportunity they treated our lead reporter like a common felon and denied him access to the press review. So our review of this show is, don't go.

If you want to observe British bad behaviour, go to the Tate or the National Gallery and look at the works of William Hogarth from a safe distance in a more refined atmosphere.

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Hopefully while at their Marie Curie Cancer benefit one does not get served a Polonium Cocktail, since Marie Curie discovered Polonium as well as Radium. One wonders how many Russian diplomats will attend this event.

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Robert Alexander Boyle

Robert Alexander Boyle

 Alexander Boyle is a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, CT where he majored in History. Prior to graduation he co-authored the seminal book Acid Rain in 1983. Alex has worked for the Metropo...