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Shampton 1

This show is avante guard but it remains one thing "Masterpiece" is not. Fun. Another word I didn't use for Masterpiece is this one: "Go." Organized by Nick Korniloff, he and his staff also run Art Miami. Now that this writer has seen a Korniloff show, plans are going to be made to attend others. This one is held this weekend at:

Art Southampton Pavilion | Southampton Elks Lodge 605 County Road 39 Southampton, NY 11968

For those that can't make it, enjoy these photos:

Shampton 2

Shampton 3

Shampton 4Maserati, a show sponsor, Outside the front door

Shampton 5Dealer Hollis Taggart with one of his Expressionist works

Shampton 6

Shampton 7

Shampton 8

Shampton 9

Shampton 10Shadow Boxing at Peter Marcelle Project 

Shampton 11

Shampton 12Dealers Abby Taylor and Vincent Vallarino

Shampton 13XXX

Shampton 14Maserati Lounge

Shampton 15

Shampton 16Artist Lori Cuisinier

Shampton 17Neon

Shampton 18Marjorie Strider, Pop 1964, Lawrence Fine Art 

Shampton 19Color

Shampton 20Critters

Shampton 21

Shampton 20NEWSymposium

Shampton 22Sea Horse

Shampton 23

Shampton 24Marilyn

Shampton 25Hanging Rhino

Shampton 26Happy Pills

Shampton 27Bunnies

Shampton 28Kneeling Minotaur

Shampton 29Ferrari Art Project

Shampton 30VIP Parking

Shampton 31Exhibitors at Art Southampton

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