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We told you so, perhaps Jerry Saltz can return to his favorite hobby, blowing himself.

Saltz, who has zero expertise in the forensic nature of older art asserted five hundred year old discovery was wrong.

Perhaps Saltz might wish to look up the meaning of "encaustic" and its not the sticky stuff around his usual western Greenwich Village on a Sunday Night.

The fact is encaustic which refers to oil pigments applied in a wax medium became far less used after Leonardo's death because the Gutenberg Bible process of moveable type standardized recipes and mixtures for many craftsmen in western Europe. What once was an arcane recipe, oil in a turpentine or other non wax medium became standard once these books became standard fare and easy to access.

FF5F6181 48F4 4CC2 A537 E8A0DBA44B0BThe world's most expensive painting, the "Salvator Mundi", may be the work of Leonardo da Vinci after all, with several media reports contradicting doubts raised in a French documentary.

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The painting of Christ has not been seen in public since it was bought for $450 million by the Saudi royal family at a 2017 Christie's auction.

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