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Spain locks door 83 years after Soviet Heist.

Got to love Spain declaring an Italian work to be a national treasure.

This all goes back to the time the Soviet armed forces "on loan" to the communist Spanish Republic, on the edge of defeat in September of 1936 to the God fearing Falangist forces of Generalissimo Francesco Franco, departed with the 510 tones of gold bullion depository Spain accumulated since 1492. Imagine Fort Knox removed via train then the vessels Kine, Kursk, Nevada and Volgoles in the dead of night back to Moscow via the Black Sea port of Odessa.

So in effect between stolen gold and American lend lease (never paid back), that was how the Soviets "paid" for the equipment of World War Two.

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Caravaggio: Spain stops auction over possible long-lost masterpiece


The starting price for Crowning of Thorns was initially 1,500 euros (£1,300; $1,800).

But if it is indeed by Michelangelo Caravaggio, it could be worth up to €150m.

The painting is being examined by experts and declared "not for export".

Read more on the BBC:

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