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During Easter weekend 2015, more than $300 million in cash, diamonds, and jewels were stolen right under everyone’s noses at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit in London. It was known around the world as the “greatest heist in British history,” and, in all honestly, this robbery was pretty epic.

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Experts insisted that the heist was the work of Navy SEAL-like professionals who were highly technical and in great shape. From the outside, the heist looked meticulously planned and supremely executed, and many called it the “perfect crime.” But when arrests were made a month later, the entire world gasped. 

Retirement’s hard, man. Your wife’s gone. Most of your friends are either in prison, exile, or six feet under. Even the detectives you once tried so hard to get away from have either died, retired, or completely forgotten about you. Your days are filled with sulking around your run-down mansion on the outskirts of London and trying your hand at gardening.

Maybe you’ll piss off your neighbors with your used-car dealership that you run out of your home and then hobble over to the newsstand to read stories about younger men doing what you once did. This was the life of 76-year-old Brian Reader. “He ain’t got no friends no more,” one of his former colleagues later said. “Sitting down there in the café talks about all their yesterdays.”

Lifetime of Crime
Reader has infuriated the London police for practically his entire life. He was first arrested at 11 years old for breaking and entering, and soon after, he was a known associate of the infamous Tommy Adams crime family. The thief was also reportedly part of the “Millionaire Moles” gang, who notoriously dug under a restaurant to rob 268 safe deposit boxes from a London bank in 1971.

The total sum of their loot? $59 million (as well as some very interesting photographs of the late Princess Margaret and her lover, actor Richard Harris). In those days, Reader was good at getting away with his crimes and often spent his days skiing in the French Alps or yachting in Spain.

Lucky Streak Runs Cold
Life was good. Well, that is until one job went completely awry in 1983. Reader and a group of bandits decided to rob a high-security warehouse at Heathrow Airport in London. The thieves expected to find around $4 million in cash inside that warehouse, but, instead, they stumbled upon $145 million in gold.

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