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Remington’s ‘Bronco Buster’ no longer in Oval Office after Biden administration makeover

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The Frederic S. Remington bronze sculpture, “Bronco Buster,” (Cast by Roman Bronze Works number 23, May 15, 1904)  a fixture in the Oval Office of the White House since the presidency of Jimmy Carter in 1976, has apparently ridden off into the sunset as part of the decorating scheme of President Joseph Biden.

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It was just one of the changes that President Biden made to the office. American presidents traditionally decorate the Oval Office to reflect their personal concerns and whims.

Mr. Remington (1861-1909) was a painter, illustrator, sculptor and writer who specialized in depictions of the American Old West. He was born in Canton, NY and is buried in the village’s Evergreen Cemetery. The Frederic Remington Art Museum is in nearby Ogdensburg, where its two “Bronco Busters” are highly prized.

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