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Its attribution restored, a Rembrandt portrait goes on view in Pennsylvania.

If there ever was an example of how so called experts can botch up an attribution prior to restoration this it.

Some museum employees will never understand dirty paintings. This is why they are employees, not employers.

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Just over 50 years ago, the Allentown Art Museum in Pennsylvania suffered a blow when the Rembrandt Research Project, an arbiter of what paintings can be firmly attributed to the artist, ruled that its 1632 Portrait of a Young Woman was probably  a product of Rembrandt’s studio rather than the master himself.

Now, museumgoers can witness the painting’s triumphant return to glory after a two-year conservation process that established that the portrait is indeed by the artist. Rembrandt Revealed, an exhibition that opened at the museum on Sunday, charts the process that led the Dutch-led Rembrandt Research Project to deattribute the painting in 1970 and the painstaking steps that led American conservators to illuminate crucial details and ultimately reject that verdict.

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