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Below a selection of stunning coaches of various purpose created by various artists. 

Hit play on the YouTube video to soak up the ambience, and be sure to learn more about your favourite art work and the artist who created it. 

31C652D9 78FA 4F7A A604 86A757059896Samuel Colman (1832-1920) American, Oregon or Bust, 1872, Union League Club of New York, Donated by the Artist in lieu of dues mid 1870's - learn more about the artist, here

25134040 0EB9 4202 84EF AEEBD1E81C53The Christmas Coach 1930 by Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), learn more about the artist, here DBEFEE34 568C 4F25 9D56 CBC98CDB19BDThe Royal Mail Coach John Frederick Herring (1795–1865), learn more about the artist, here
F11487EB D470 4D4F 937E 538510994BCBBath Mail Coach (Old Coaching Lines) John Charles Maggs (1819–1896) The Postal Museum, learn more about the artist, here 0B63F069 D6F3 41B8 87B1 552028DAE3A5The Conestoga Wagon, American settlers heading west - learn more about this type of wagon, here

886BF80F 71F4 424A 9670 554A78F1CC54The London to Brighton Stagecoach by H J Jones at the Carriage Foundation, learn more, here 4EC4B2C1 8447 470C B879 2C5E5DFF8353Count Alphonse de Toulouse-Lautrec Driving His Mail-Coach, learn more about the artist, here F8220B1F 710F 48C8 8752 17CCE45B9F55The Tarascon Diligence, Vincent van Gogh, 1888 - learn more about the artist, here E24C3D23 3A94 44DA 8420 E4B266F403A9An Assyrian Chariot - learn more about chariots, here

1ECC2409 9743 4254 9ADC E5D9351EE704Ivory Inlaid design on a cabinet by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, learn more about the artist, here

3CC8C38F 6AD4 4514 9DEB 6A426A219DB6The Edinburgh to London Royal Mail Coach by John Frederick Herring, Sr. - learn more about the artist, here

83BBFE99 ACF4 4498 8305 4A0487CF4360The Oregon Trail - learn more, here

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