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Banksy sale of a Monet parody confirms what the French always knew and the Americans suspected:

The British are blind. 

Their taste in clothes ran to the silly, their Young Btitish artists were a form of Emperors new clothes, but the Banksy sale takes the cake as the grand prize for the the aesthetically challenged, pathetic.

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Banksy’s “Show Me The Monet” interpretation of Claude Monet’s water lily painting has certainly lived up to its name by selling for more than £7.5m at an auction earlier this week.

The painting was created in 2005 and adds abandoned shopping trolleys and a traffic cone to the impressionist painter’s famous garden scene. It was sold at a Sotheby’s event in London on Wednesday (October 21) following a tense nine-minute bidding war between five collectors. Despite having an estimated worth of £3.5-5 million, it fetched for a staggering £7,551,600.

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