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1, Hit play on the You tube Video;

2, Scroll down at a leisurely pace;

3, Learn more about your favourite artist.  

Learn more about Glenn Miller, here

55D0EB4E 123A 4729 8569 5210B3DE6532Learn more about Ms. Sophia Loren, here

5E444B51 D2DF 4A69 AAF5 0D1B966DC3C2Learn more about Ms. Marilyn Monroe, here

C6F56EBC 05B5 4764 B56E 481305F04882Learn more about Ms. Audrey Hepburn, here

79D0346F E88F 47A5 B23A B5F301F084B9A Holland America Line poster from 1939 - learn more about vintage posters, here 76D95B53 C16A 4DE1 B4A2 AC2F6ED35789Learn more about Ms. Judy Garland, here EA3A17CD 8E70 40AC B46D 6F782BA69EA0Learn more about Ms. Jane Mansfield, here 4E35E133 3341 4B50 88CA 49DB3395C480Learn more about Pin-up Ms. Rita Hayworth, here 92737D3D E83D 4412 8388 CE4E224A4631Cunard Line Queen Mary Vintage Poster, learn more about vintage posters, here D76836C8 D317 48E6 8A48 6042BDBADDC9Learn more about Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, here

0A9988A6 6D0D 4B9B 804A FE5D6AF1339FLearn more about Ms. Raquel Welch, here

5FE26C96 B696 4327 98FA 20AFD53CD2F7Learn more about Ms. Grace Kelly, here 6CB5E15D 1921 4ED0 A3B5 5E806EF00D67United States Lines vintage Poster, learn more about posters, here D671D70B BA42 43D8 B3CB 4F38C5C60556Learn more about Ms. Bridget Bardot, here 4F9794EF C8F2 4967 B4F4 C97AC9C6F6E4Learn more about Ms. Diana Dors, here

451E64FD 1425 4B8B A0B3 96442F460C84Learn more about Ms. Sophia Loren, here

8A58ACA2 480F 4383 A72A BCD7D2485D84

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