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Featured 'Don't You' by Simple Minds. Learn more about the Scottish Rock Band Simple Minds, here

28964FCA 08F2 4BEE ABB5 76522A2F2CF7Follow Ms. Hailey Clauson on Instagram @haileyclauson

774E0D5C 9160 42C9 A443 177DBB87FBF2Ms. Nina Agdal, Montauk 2016 - Follow Ms. Agdal on Instagram @ninaagdal

3E8B4771 8AC3 48A8 BDC2 F93DEFC965FCFollow Ms. Martha Hunt on Instagram @marthahunt

DAD7C7D6 287B 400C 9590 15000FC65AC4Follow Ms. Marissa Everhart on Instagram, here AC7CA756 F436 46EE A729 237A4DB7AEEDFollow Ms. Erica Candace on Instagram, @ericacandace

0E9D43F3 6981 4759 89E8 8F8372A010D6René Magritte's Son of Man (1964), learn more about the artist, here  33A43569 1DA4 48BD A6B9 02810114A733Follow Ms. Irina Dreyt on Instagram, here, and follow Ms. Viki Odintcova on Instagram, here EB66A979 9FE2 46DC A42A EEBEF656E890Follow Ms. Kellie Best on Instagram @kellieisthebest

36CB95E9 5679 4C71 8488 362D35CF7FA4Follow Ms. Paige Watkins on Instagram, here

F52CDD5E 7ADA 4AD5 B9DB 6870101B0667‘Lovers’ by René Magritte on display at the MOMA - learn more about the artist, here

B08C4FCC C2F0 49DF B3D4 EED734A1408FFollow Ms. Rachel Barnes on Instagram, @rockybarnes 

FF8D7137 2CE6 49BF B609 CDBAA8271FB8Follow Ms. Claudia Schiffer on Instagram, here

35013CF2 3348 4B0A B54B B5ADAA0EAA58Follow Ms. Meredith Mickelson on Instagram, here

C48A6D66 39D2 4778 B45A 1CC20D6912C0‘The beautiful relations’ 1967 by René Magritte - learn more about the artist, here C6611EA2 EB46 45BA 859A 984F9F82E98BFollow Ms. Elsa Hosk on Instagram, here

057427EA 590C 4E7C A1A5 B581D573D531Follow Ms. Samantha Hoopes on Instagram, here  0259EDBD 9F87 4596 BB14 931E7D5C7663Follow Brady The Golden Pup on Instagram, here

5E5D062C 8C0B 407A BA80 7D06854137DFFollow Ms. Hanalei Reponty on Instagram, here

DAB48BE4 7F9F 4A9E ADB0 E29B414C090BFollow Ms. Genevieve Morton on Instagram, here

524206BD DBAF 4DDA B863 2AC25892CFE6Follow Ms. Hailey Clauson on Instagram, @haileyclauson

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