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Twice a year, in February and July, fledgling units of special-operations forces undergoing training at the world’s largest naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, head downtown to the city’s Chrysler Museum of Art. After assembling in the foyer, they listen to their superior officer as he introduces a friendly brunette from New York City. “You may wonder what the hell you’re doing in a museum,” he tells his recruits. “But listen to every word this woman says, because you’re going to need them, in next week’s mission, and the week after that – and the week after that.”

No matter how often she finds herself the subject of this short, expletive-peppered speech, each time Amy Herman, an art educator and self-styled “social entrepreneur”, can’t help smiling. “I mean, you couldn’t say anything more to make my heart sing,” she tells me, speaking via Skype from Manhattan.

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