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Read between the lines, it seems the archaeologists are saying:

Just wait until somebody from the Muslim Brotherhood goes fill tilt "Durka Durka, Jihad!" on one of these ancient sculptures

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Despite archaeologists’ protests, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has moved four ancient sphinxes from the Karnak temple in Luxor to Cairo’s Tahrir Square, reports Ruth Michaelson for the Guardian. The sphinxes will be stored in wooden crates around the square, located some 300 miles north of their original home, until a still-unscheduled unveiling ceremony.

The ministry announced plans to move the sandstone, ram-head sphinxes from behind the temple to the busy traffic circle in Egypt’s capital at the end of 2019. The decision quickly attracted criticism from archaeologists, who pointed out that placing the sphinxes in a city center would expose them to dangerous environmental conditions. Critics also questioned whether the move violates Egyptian and international regulations regarding the movement of antiquities, reported Gamal Essam El-Din for Ahram Online last December.

Read more on the Smithsonian:

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