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Located on the back side of Storm King Mountain is the largest outdoor sculpture garden in America. Established in 1960 by Ralph Ogden the property included 180 acres. By 1967 Ogden purchased thirteen works by the late sculptor David Smith (1906-1965). At first the sculptures were around the main house, but over time and additions to the property, the foot print expanded to 500 acres, with another 2500 acres preserved on nearby Schenemunk Mountain, best known in an earlier era as the backdrop for Winslow Homer paintings of Houghton Farm, located less than one mile south of Storm King AC

The initial impression from the house is superb

DSC 0468

DSC 0463 moore reclining formsHenry Moore (1898-1986), Reclining Connected Forms, 1969

DSC 0470 Benglis north south east westLynda Benglis (B. 1941), North South East West, 1988, 2009, 2014, 2015

 DSC 0494caldersAlexander Calder, Tripes and Five Swords on a field painted long ago by Hudson River School artist Louis Remy Mignot

DSC 0508 calder five swordsAlexander Calder (1898-1976), Five Swords, 1976, Calder Foundation

DSC 0514 calder tripes 1974Alexander Calder (1898-1976), Tripes 1974, Calder Foundation

DSC 0527 calder black flagAlexander Calder (1898-1976), Black Flag, 1974, Calder Foundation

The David Smiths are remarkable. Even more impressive is that at least one is of the painted variety. Once famous art critic Clement Greenberg destroyed his own reputation when handling the Smith estate by sand-blasting paint of the art works

DSC 0547 david smithsDavid Smith (1906-1965) pair of sculptures

DSC 0540 smithDavid Smith (1906-1965), IX Books, III Apples, 1959

DSC 0551 smith beccaDavid Smith (1906-1965) , Becca, 1964, named after the artists daughter

DSC 0554smith sitting printer 54 55David Smith (1906-1965), Sitting Printer, 1954-1955

DSC 0561 personage may 1957David Smith (1906-1965), Personage of May, 1957

DSC 0567 smith arcs 1957David Smith (1906-1965), Study in Arcs 1957, rare surving painted example by the artist

DSC 0573 Smith portrait lady painter54 57David Smith (1906-1965) , Portrait of a Lady Painter, 1954-1957

DSC 0581 Smith three ovals 1960David Smith (1906-1965) , Three Ovals Soar, 1960

DSC 0582 smith pairDavid Smith (1906-1965), Portrait of a Lady Painter next to Study in Arcs

DSC 0587 Smith Volton XX 1963David Smith (1906-1965) , Volton XX, 1963. Product of a trip to Italy where Smith welded together almost thirty sculptures in thirty days

DSC 0599 smith signed soderingDavid Smith (1906-1965) signed in liquid metal, 1963

DSC 0603Max Bill three equal elements 1965Max Bill (1908-1994, Unit of Three Equal Elements, 1965

DSC 0627 Noguchi momo taro 1977Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), Momo Taro, 1977


DSC 0633Kadishman's Suspended, see it to believe it


DSC 0657 kadishman suspended 1977Manashe Kadishman B.1932), Suspended, 1977

DSC 0678 rickey five open squares 1981George Rickey (1907-2002), Five Open Squares, Gyratory, Gyratory, 1981

DSC 0681 Rickey openplains 1970George Rickey (1907-2002), Two Planes, Vertical Horizontal II, 1970

DSC 0697 streeter endless column 1968Tal Streeter (B.1934), Endless Column, 1968

DSC 0704 Lieberman Iliad 1974 76Alexander Lieberman (1912-1999), Iliad 1974-76

DSC 0715 Hepworth square with circles 1963Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975), Square Forms with Circles ,1963

DSC 0719 Hepworth forms movement 56 67Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975), Forms in Movement, 1956, Cast 1967

DSC 0735 nevelson city on a high mountain 1981Louise Nevelson (1899-1988), City on a High Mountain, 1981

DSC 0745 Calder Arch 1975Alexander Calder (1898-1976), The Arch 1975, Calder Foundation

DSC 0748 ieberman adonai 1971Alexander Lieberman (1912-1999), Adonai, 1971

Storm King Art Center

1 Museum Road

New Windsor, NY  12553


DSC 0999 allo der plusForeign tourists have been known to lurk




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