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Meet Theo van Gogh: Vincent's Younger Brother and One of History's Most Important Art Dealers.

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As a pioneer of Post-Impressionism, Vincent van Gogh is one of art history’s most well-known figures. Though the artist did not see much success during his short career, his work has attained ample attention since his death in 1890. Who was behind his posthumous fame? Arguably, it can be attributed to his younger brother, Theo, an important art dealer who introduced the modern art world to Vincent’s prolific portfolio.

In addition to serving a professional purpose in Vincent’s life, Theo also held a much more personal role as his brother’s confidante. From 1872 until Vincent’s death 18 years later, the brothers wrote hundreds of letters to each other. Today, nearly 700 of these letters survive, offering us a glimpse into the eventual success of Vincent van Gogh—and to the person who helped make it possible.

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