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Stunt talks about Old Masters. Look at the shiny smooth texture, this is obviously a brand-new work which law enforcement could term as perpetrating fraud. Or, if over the internet and in the United States, Federal wire fraud.

For years Stunt and his mentor Mould tried to pass their 'discovery' off (the spurious Gainsborough Cottage Door) for commercial gain. We asked a leading Old Masters dealer for comment, and the response was, clearly the market didn't agree with their overly generous attribution.

Stunt wanted to use Dumfries House as a platform to sell spurious merch. Whether you like the Royals or not, it's disgraceful to use the Crown Princes' charity / restoration venue in this manner.

For the record, Stunt filed for bankruptcy last year. If he truly owned any valuable art, he would have been forced to disclose such assets for the court to approve him to discharge his obligations. The bankruptcy court would have needed to know about serious assets in order to settle his obligations with creditors. So, either Stunt's stuff is wrong, or, it's right, and he lied to a bankruptcy court.

This video shows Stunt displaying what could be imagined as criminal behaviour. Sir Prat pontificating on connoisseurship and the process of getting a work authenticated by a real expert. IE not a posing fraud like him.

Screen Shot 2019 07 15 at 23.09.00 

The Now Infamous Stunt Fugazy Lecture 

Here are a sample of Stunt's phony works

01fugazy van dyck head on1. Little boy Fraud Billionaire in front of kindergarten fugazy

02fugazy van dyck2. Narcissistic fraud again

02fugazy van dyck3. Fugazy Monet02fugazy van dyck4. Another fugazy Monet

02fugazy van dyck5. The famous fugazy Monet used to perpetrate fraud upon an unsuspecting Prince Charles and Dumfries House

02fugazy van dyck6. Fake Chagall painted by Tetro

Screen Shot 2019 11 23 at 12.39.34Tony Tetro Mandatory Stamp on the back of his paintings for United States Federal court order

02fugazy van dyck7. Fake Picasso

02fugazy van dyck8. Fake Dali

02fugazy van dyck9. Bwana Stunt pretending to be a diplomat02fugazy van dyck10. Knight of the Oompah Loompahs - More like a mug shot than a passport photo for an accredited diplomat from crooked tribal oompah loompah land02fugazy van dyck11. Scene of the crime - Dumfries House

 The Now Infamous Stunt Fugazy Lecture

 Screen Shot 2019 07 15 at 23.09.00

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