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Bosses of frozen pizza giant Dr Oetker are to hand back some of the company's huge art collection after finding out pieces were looted by the Nazis.

Besides the obvious, Germans owning stolen Nazi art, who would want Hun equipment for eating Italian American food?

Something remains internally off in Germany.  Next thing you know, Angela Merkel will be revealed as a former East German Spy.

Churchill was on to something when he stated the key to Europe was keeping Russia out, Germany down, and the Americans in.

For details on the latest in Nazi nonsense:

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A food firm is returning part of its vast art collection after discovering some works were looted under the Nazis.

Dr Oetker, a household name for its frozen pizza and baking products, has given a painting back to the heirs of a Jewish tobacco dealer murdered at a concentration camp.

Sorcerer and Dragon, by German artist Carl Spitzweg, is believed to be one of several works the firm possesses through its association with the Nazis.

To read more on The Daily Mail:

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