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Queen says enough, after Charles embarrassed the family with Stunt's fake parade and Dumfries House then Andy went Randy with a bizarre interview, the reigning monarch said enough. Too bad she didn't send Stunt and his cabal of fakie do friends off to the tower of London.

A certain OBE would be well advised to study the fates.......

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The royal family has reportedly been called to an emergency meeting over a $194 million scandal involving Prince Charles’ famed art collection.

A fed-up Queen Elizabeth is said to have rallied her various offspring for a tense meeting, berating their attitudes towards the monarchy, and actions which almost undid the institution this year, according to New Idea magazine.

From Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein case, to Harry and Meghan’s private jet debacle, and now the heir himself unwittingly displaying forged art, it looks like 2019 may rival the infamous ‘annus horribilis’ of 1992.

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Screen Shot 2019 11 18 at 19.38.09Illustration of the execution of Hugh the Younger Despenser, from a manuscript of Froissart

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