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Please find below a note and a request from Art Dealer Niall Fairhead, concerning the Artist's Resale Right threshold in the UK.


The “Fight for the threshold” has been quiet for a very long time. However it has not gone away and is about, we hope soon, to reach a happy conclusion. Readers will be aware that the EU Directive which established the Artists Resale Right allowed the threshold at which it starts to be paid to be between €1000 and €3000. In 2006, much to the great distress of the entire Art Industry, that threshold was set at the lower figure of €1000 and our campaign has been addressed to correcting this mistaken decision.

Last year we printed a large number of postcards protesting against the decision by the then government and we believe upwards of 1000 were sent to the Minister by Art Dealers and interested parties protesting at the enactment of the lower threshold. A group of concerned art dealers had a meeting with the then Minister, Baroness Wilcox, to put the case for the industry before her. At this meeting we were requested to provide an impact study demonstrating exactly why we felt that the legislation ought to be amended.

The Impact study submission was presented to the Minister and has since been studied by the relevant Government Department, The IPO. Our suggestions and comments are obviously being taken very seriously and further meetings are planned. At the request of the IPO we have published the submission (on the i-petition website) so that interested parties might comment on it. It is a lengthy document and may take time to read through and consider but the Executive summary below does set out the “bare bones” of our argument and I would ask that all supporters, and those of the contrary view, do take time to read and absorb this.

The IPO obviously wish to be made aware of the feelings of the Industry towards this matter. It is obviously a subject of considerable controversy and those who have any opinion on the subject are invited to give voice to their views.

I make an appeal to friends, colleagues and industry stakeholders : PLEASE SHOUT LOUDLY !

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