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The Volcanic explosion of 1815 gave us global cooling, 1816, the year without a summer, a season or two whose epic travails inspired Mary Shelley to write the book Frankenstein, images of Panic and mayhem by English Artist John Martin and caused a young landscape painter named Thomas Cole to move from the Midlands of England to the United States, where after his series of New Eden paintings depicting the glory of the primeval landscape he too captured the images of a countries gone mad in his series "Course of Empire".

In Europe there was outright starvation and riots, particularly in the northern parts of England as the Luddites smashed mills. In America snowy weather impeded planting and harvest, but there was no mass starvation. Hundreds of farms in Northern New England were abandoned as farmers went west in search of better land, thus launching the migration west to the Pacific.\

Both Cole and Martin observed the chaos of northern England first hand, Martin elected to stay, while Cole moved to New York, thereby becoming a proof of point for this article in the New York Post.

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