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Legendary American paintings dealer Ira Spanierman passes away. A formidable presence in the 19th century American market for more than a half century he only retired four years ago. One of the foremost proponents of the rediscovery of American Impressionism, at one time his financial largesse underwrote the catalogue raisonnes of John Twachcooktmann, Willard Metcalf, and Winslow Homer.

Another labor of love came on 1981 when he and fellow dealer Alexander Acevedo purchased the one time home of artist Thomas Cole in Catskill NY when the heirs to the artist could bo longer afford to maintain the property.

The building is now a National Historic site and a regional draw for tourism. IRA Spanierman is survived by a son David and art dealer Gavin Spanierman, owner 9f Spanierman Modern Galleries.

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