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Literature rarely works this way but a long overdue best seller has had dribs and drabs selectively released to the public since 2011.

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It’s been seven years since the release of A Dance with Dragons, the fifth installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. Although Martin’s next planned book, The Winds of Winter, has been delayed repeatedly, he hasn’t left us with nothing. He has released several of The Winds of Winter chapters, which we’ve rounded up below with text previews and context below.

Here is a list of The Winds of Winter chapters released so far:

“Theon” – Following Theon Greyjoy. Martin released an excerpt on his website.

“Mercy” – Following Arya Stark and her new life in Braavos.

“Alayne” – Focusing on Sansa Stark. Martin released the full chapter in 2015.

“Arianne” – Following the Dornish princess. Martin released the chapter on his website in May, 2016.

“Arianne II” – Another chapter following the princess. This one promises danger.

“Barristan” – Following the famed knight of the Kingsgaurd. This chapter was released in the paperback version of Dances with Dragons.

“Tyrion” – Following the Imp on his adventures.

“Victarion” – Following Victarion Greyjoy.

To read more on Bookbub:

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