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The lobby groups that pushed for ARR in Australia were/are very embedded in a government funded Art Academy that is instinctively hostile to commercially independent art (and artists). In particular they are instinctively hostile to access to venues for exhibiting art that are not controlled by appropriately qualified art peer groups.

The idea of a compulsory ‘right’ to represent all artists has an appeal, to these groups, that goes way beyond the management fees:
A restriction of trade that hobbles their ‘commercial’ rivals as to who truly represents art has a deep appeal for the official funded contemporary art Academy.

I would be surprised if your UK politicians really understand what is going on, at all. You all need to start writing to, and phoning every local member you can think of, it is your best hope. And this is especially so for your Tory’s, they are already facing a splintering of their voter base, every single vote that pushes them towards enough to fall over the line first is critical to them.

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John R Walker

John R Walker

John R Walker has been exhibiting for more than 30 years. His artworks can be found in many of Australia's major public and private collections including: the ACT Legislative Assembly, Art Gallery of...