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Hard hitting answers to questions artists may be afraid to ask.

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You’re an artist. You’ve created a body of work and you’re ready to see it acquired (read: It’s time to make some money). In most cases, this process begins with finding a gallery willing to dedicate wall space to your art. Even with the proliferation of Websites and social media opportunities for artists, there’s still nothing that can replace a buyer being able to experience a piece of art in person, properly lit and beautifully displayed in a reputable gallery.

Why, then, isn’t your art in a gallery? Or in more galleries? Or in the prestigious ones? You know your work is good. You’ve practiced your gift, studied art and might even have a degree to show for it. You’re confident that, if given the chance, your art would sell. If you’ve done the legwork—visiting galleries, sending images via e-mail, closely following gallery submission protocols and maybe even dropping by with your portfolio tucked under your arm—and you’re still not having much luck, it might be time to ask yourself one very simple question: Why?

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