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Farallon Islands population of Seals and Sea Lions as painted by Albert Bierstadt provide a glimpse as to the winners and losers in the battle for the top of the food chain.

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10Albert Bierstadt Seals on the Rocks 1873 minAlbert Bierstadt, Seals on the Rocks 1873 - learn more about the artist, here

13 carnegiemuseum pittsburgh pa minAlbert Bierstadt at the Carnegie Museum, visit the museum website here, and learn more about the artist, here

Seal1Albert Bierstadt at the New Britain Museum, visit the museum website here, and learn more about the artist, here


Great White Shark Vs. Orcas. Who Wins? Not Who You Think.


Great white sharks sound like your average superhero. From their secret lives in the kelp (swimming lazily through it) to having super powers that helped it 'defeat' Megalodon, it even has the story arc of having a "villain" that made it so they couldn't stay the number one shark in South Africa. And it seems this shark has a true kryptonite, not a one-time "villain" it is up against! 

New research from Monterey Bay Aquarium and their partners published in Nature's Scientific Reports provides proof that great white shark has the most formidable foe. The electronic tag data found that white sharks flee their feeding areas when orcas are present and do not return until the following season. "When confronted by orcas, white sharks will immediately vacate their preferred hunting ground and will not return for up to a year, even though the orcas are only passing through," said Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, senior research scientist at Monterey Bay Aquarium and lead author of the study in a press release.

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