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RAF veteran pilot relives decision to fly Hawker Hunter jet right through busy Tower Bridge.

This superb almost forgotten low flying transonic jet made a wild stunt possible as an RAF vet single handedly gave London the 50th Anniversary Royal Air Force fly-by, which Labour refused to do.

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RAF pilot Alan Pollock has only seven seconds to make a life-and-death decision. He’s just feet above the waters of the River Thames in a fighter jet travelling at 300 miles per hour.

Screen shot 2019 03 01 at 13.57.43RAF Fighter Pilot Mr. Alan Pollock

Less than half a mile ahead, blocking his way, is Tower Bridge. He can see that it’s busy with pedestrians and that a double decker bus is driving slowly across it. Should he fly through?

In the end, he decided to go for it.

It was April 5, 1968. Harold Wilson was prime minister, there were protests against the Vietnam War in London, and the Beatles’ Lady Madonna was No. 1.

To read more on The Daily Mail:

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