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Marsden Hartley painting stolen from Abbott Labs, fugazy left in its place. Real one sold by Berry Hill Galleries in 1993 for $351,000 to the private collection in NYC of one Carol Fineberg.

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The US medical giant Abbott Laboratories is suing a 91-year-old woman in Manhattan, Carol Feinberg, to recover a painting which has not yet been officially named in court proceedings. The Art Newspaper has identified it as a still-life of flowers by Marsden Hartley. The firm says the work is part of its corporate collection and was replaced with a forgery. Questions have been raised as to whether other works in its holdings were also switched out with fakes.

Abbott Laboratories has an art collection that dates from the 1940s, when the firm bought the work of “combat artists” who served in the US military. As it also acquired pieces by better-known artists such as Grant Wood, Pablo Picasso, Raoul Dufy and Georges Braque, the combat artists’ pictures decorated company buildings and offices, and were loaned to museum exhibitions. The works were also reproduced in marketing magazines sent to physicians and pharmacists.

To read more on The Art Newspaper:

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