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Imagine opening your hotel room door and finding Tony Soprano and Furio Guinta carrying in your drunken friend. That's one of the stories Federico Castelluccio who played Furio told when he called me on New Jersey 101.5 on the 20th anniversary of the airing of the first episode:

"One time that we were doing an appearance up in a casino in Connecticut right, and there  was a guy that was always hanging around with Tony Sirico, he's like his driver you know, he was he's sort of at a mascot ... There's a table set up with a lot of food and a big plate of spaghetti in the middle and this guy early on was completely like, faced if you know what I mean, completely gone. He was drunk to no end. And he was just sitting there and we walked in, I walked in to the back and I saw Lorraine Bracco kind of smoking a cigarette, her hands folded looking at something. And we all kind of turned our attention to this one guy, just reaching to the middle of this table with a fork and taking the spaghetti and the spaghetti is dragging all over the table, down his shirt and he's eating it and I looked over at Jim and said Jim, you know James Gandolfini and said, 'Jim man we gotta get this guy out of here. This guy's gonna do something, like he's gonna like fall on his face.'

Furio dishes his funniest Sopranos story, see link below on New Jersey 101.5:

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